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You don’t have to be a certified mechanic or a professional detailer to take care of your car. I’ll help you learn how with easy-to-understand articles and product reviews. 

I’m all about keeping it real. My writing style is laid-back and conversational. And I’ll admit, even though I know a lot about cars, I learn more every day! If you’ve got something to share, I’d love to hear from you! Hit me up on the contact page.

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About Three Bay Garage

Hey there! I’m Kevin and I help fellow car guys and car girls take good care of their cars.

I’m a lifelong car guy and founder of Three Bay Garage. Growing up, my 1980’s screen time consisted of a steady feed of Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider, Smokey and the Bandit, and more. 

My father had (and still has!) a 1969 Mustang and I spent many hours in the garage with him working on that car. Over the years, I’ve learned that maintaining, fixing, and detailing a car isn’t all that intimidating. And I want to help you feel the same way.

I started this website to show you that working on your car isn’t all that difficult. I do this with easy-to-read articles and product reviews.