I’m Kevin Riedel and cars are my thing.

When you are out driving and you see a cool car on the road, do you nearly cause an accident because your eyes are off the road and on the cool car?

Every time you hear an aggressive exhaust note in the distance, do you stop whatever you’re doing and wait with excitement to see what’s coming?

OMG! Me too!


My goofy mug. Can you name the car behind me?

My love of cars came from my dad. He’d always point out cool cars on the road. And he always had a story to tell. Maybe he or a friend of his owned the same car. And he’d often point out a cool feature on a car like where the gas filler is on a 1956 Chevy. Pretty cool if you’ve never seen it…

Stealthy AF

My dad is also a handy guy. So he did most of the work on his cars himself. I often watched over his shoulder and regularly ended up turning a wrench to help him out. I learned a lot.

The biggest lesson I learned from him was not to be afraid to pull something apart and fix it.

So many people I know are terrified of their cars. They don’t even know how to jump start it! Or change a flat tire!

These are simple things! Life skills even. 

Car dealers and mechanics help perpetuate this fear. You want to know why? They don’t make a ton of money selling cars…. but they do on maintenance. So of course they are going to say “We highly recommend ONLY a qualified mechanic service your vehicle.”

My goal is to help YOU have  the confidence to take care of your own car. You’ll save a few bucks and have fun doing it.