Will I Have Problems After Using Cataclean? Probably Not.

If you are worried about having problems after using Cataclean, you can stop worrying. Cataclean helps fix problems, not cause problems. 

What is Cataclean?

Cataclean is a fuel additive that claims to clean your car’s fuel system, including fuel injectors, and intake valves. 

The manufacturers of the product claim that it also cleans your car’s exhaust system, including oxygen sensors and your catalytic converter.

It’s a lot like a fuel injector cleaner on steroids. Cataclean cleans on its way into your engine AND on its way out.


But do you even need Cataclean, bruh? 

image of a bottle of cataclean

Why use Cataclean?

You can guess by its name that most people are buying Cataclean to clean their catalytic converters. 

But why would someone need to clean their catalytic converter?

Simple… because they failed emissions. Or because their car’s check engine light turned on. If the reason for the emissions failure or check engine light has something to do with the catalytic converter, a lot of people like to try to remedy the problem with a bottle of Cataclean.


Because catalytic converters are expensive AF. 

Depending on your car, a new catalytic converter can cost well over a thousand dollars! And that’s just for the part. Throw on a couple hours of labor and you’re looking at a hefty repair bill. 

Even if you are a DIYer, it’s an expensive job because the part is so darn expensive.

So before investing all that money into a new catalytic converter, it’s worth a try to spend 25 bucks or so on a bottle of Cataclean, follow the instructions on the bottle, cross your fingers, and hope it works.

Will I have problems after using Cataclean?

Cataclean is a simple fuel additive. You’re likely not going to have problems after using Cataclean.

Notice I said you’re LIKELY not going to have problems after using Cataclean.

Maybe, just maybe…  the Cataclean will loosen a large particle of sediment in one of your fuel lines and it will travel to the fuel injector and create a blockage.

In this example, the Cataclean caused a problem by actually doing its job! So you really can’t get mad at Cataclean.

Another cause of problems after using Cataclean is human error. 

That’s right… I’m talking about YOU.

Please… for me, and for your car… follow the damn instructions on the Cataclean label. If you don’t, there’s a good chance Cataclean won’t work properly.

In doing my research for this article, I watched several YouTube videos. In two of the videos, the people actually screwed up the directions. According to the Cataclean label, you have to “…drive normally for 15 minutes” after adding the product to your gas tank.

image of a cataclean lable

In these bad videos, the people drove for 15 miles (and not 15 minutes).

I was going to link to the videos, but decided not to because I don’t want to give these fools more views. 

The lesson here: Follow the product’s directions and you’ll be fine.

Does Cataclean work?

This is a hard question to answer. 

Some people swear by Cataclean and sing its praises.

But others think it’s snake oil.

I think it all comes down to your car’s unique circumstance. Just how much gunk is built up in your catalytic converter? 

People who swear by Cataclean probably don’t have much build-up in their catalytic converters. And they might be using Cataclean 3-4 times per year (as recommended on the Cataclean bottle). For these folks, the product does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

And those who think Cataclean is garbage probably have a ton of build-up in their catalytic converters… and no amount of Cataclean will clear it out. So these people unfairly talk trash about Cataclean in all the reviews and forums.


Cataclean is a great product that might help clean out your car’s catalytic converter. It might help you pass an emissions test or clear a check engine light. Cataclean is definitely worth trying before investing in an expensive new catalytic converter. And it’s not likely you will have problems after using Cataclean if you use it properly.

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